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How to Make Your Pool Look Great When Selling Your Home

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It’s a good idea to inspect your pool before you list your house for sale. Potential buyers are going to carefully examine your pool and spa and if any defects are noted, it could affect your sales price, possibly even becoming a deal breaker.

The time spent cleaning and tending to minor repairs can pay big dividends in the long run. Here is a checklist of items to go over before listing your house before moving.

1. Surrounding Area

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the surrounding area. Buyers are looking for curb appeal and this applies to the backyard as well. Try to make it appear as neat and clean as possible. This means getting a storage box for all those pool noodles, balls, and pool toys as well as storing all pool floats and loungers. The clutter must go!
  • Walk around your pool, spa, deck, and equipment and view it with a critical eye. Pretend you are a potential buyer. What would stand out to you? Look for any damaged tiles, crumbling plaster, worn-out wiring, missing equipment, trash and general disrepair. You will want to address any and all of these problems immediately.

Buyers will be looking for any signs of trouble. A clean, well-maintained look will signal to a buyer that the pool and spa have been properly serviced and will be ready for use.

2.      Pool and Equipment

  • Make sure your motor, pump, skimmer and filter are in perfect working order. Look for signs of wear that could signal a problem. If you have a heater, make sure it is working.
  • If your pool has an alarm, make sure it is in good operating condition. If it doesn’t, consider investing in an alarm. Pool alarms give parents with young children peace of mind when considering purchasing a home with a pool.
  • Inspect the equipment house or area to see that it has a fresh coat of paint. Clean out all cobwebs, leaves, and debris that might be piled up around the equipment.
  • Once you are certain your pool equipment and housing is up to standard, turn your attention to your pool. Give your pool and spa a complete cleaning.
  • Pay special attention to the tiles and pool walls. Repair any damaged tiles and remove any scaling on the tiles that can make your pool look dated and neglected.  Consider having a pool professional acid wash the pool plaster or use a bead blaster to clean up the tiles.

3. Equipment Upgrades

This may be a good time to think about adding an upgrade just to incentivize any potential buyers. You could take advantage of available rebates on energy-efficient equipment. You might also want to add in a control system to operate all equipment with a touch of a remote control. Buyers are attracted to more modern equipment as it makes them feel that repairs or high utility costs await them after they move in.

4. Professional Assistance

Even the savviest do-it-yourselfer needs help from time to time. And, when you need to move fast and want to close the deal, this can be a good time to invest in the services of a professional. Our economy continues to struggle and it can be difficult to close a deal on a house. Give yourself and your home the advantage of a clean bill of health with a professional pool inspection and cleaning.

A professional will thoroughly check out all of your pool and spa equipment to see that it is in perfect working condition. They will inspect and clean your pool adhering to the highest standards. In the event you do need repairs, they have the knowledge and equipment to get the job done fast.

Make selling your home easy by showcasing your backyard jewel. A few dollars spent today can mean many more dollars in your pocket later.

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