Chlorine Pools VS Saltwater Pools

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Sanford, N.C., April 2, 2012 — Pentair Water Pool and Spa has unveiled a convenient pool-automation app, ScreenLogic2™ Mobile, that gives millions of homeowners the ability to remotely control their pools and spas with an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®.

pentair-SCREENLOGIC2-mobile-appThe rising rates of iPad adoption and mobile internet usage have created “growing consumer demand for home-automation apps that allow homeowners to control every aspect of their homes, including the pool and spa,” said Carlos Del Amo, VP of global marketing at Pentair Water Pool and Spa, a manufacturer of pool and spa equipment.

The free ScreenLogic2 Mobile app, part of the company’s Eco Select™ line, allows users to remotely set, adjust and monitor the pool and spa settings managed by their Pentair Intelli Touch® or Easy Touch® poolside control systems: temperature, jets, lights, light colors, pump, fountains, waterfalls, pH and chlorine levels — and receive email alerts when equipment requires attending.

“You can make sure everything’s just right with your pool — anywhere, anytime,” Del Amo said. “The app essentially converts the iPad or iPhone into a mobile controller, giving you complete pool control in the palm of your hand.”

Pentair’s app allows pool and spa owners to manage their various settings from a simple screen interface — as if they were standing in front of their poolside control panel. Users can review historic settings to evaluate actual usage, poolside changes and patterns as part of their monthly budgeting process.

“You can manage your entire pool with the app,” Del Amo said. “It’s all there.”
ScreenLogic2 Mobile makes Pentair’s mobile pool-automation technology compatible with the iPad tablet and is the next generation of its Screen Logic Mobile app.

For a free download of Pentair’s pool-automation app from the App Store, visit http://goo.gl/crH1d. And to upgrade to poolside automation via the Intelli Touch or Easy Touch control panels, call Millenium Pools for your free in home expert consultation.

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