Post-Installation Pool Repairs

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Millennium Custom Pools has always communicated its customers that high-quality pools can last for decades. However, this doesn’t mean that pool repair, renovation, and maintenance should also be put on hold until that time. There is a strong connection between pool durability, timely pool repair, renovation, and maintenance. Sooner or later, every pool, either ordinary or luxury, needs some renovation. Usually, we go for pool renovation in view of the following reasons or situations:

  • Pool materials such as decking, liner etc. are torn down by the weather or heavy use and need to be replaced with the new
  • Older pool systems that are usually comprised of plumbing, filter and pump, require an overhaul to be replaced with the current standards
  • The current pool design doesn’t meet the requirements of the customers, either because the purchased home already having a pool or the surroundings are changed
  • The current pool is no more appealing and customer needs to include some new and interesting features to it.


Tired of the faded, stained, rough, and peeling surface on your pool or spa?

Millennium Custom Pools is Houston’s pool resurfacing and refinishing professionals. If it is time for your swimming pool to be resurfaced or refinished, schedule a free estimate and personally discuss your pool replastering project in detail.

Pool Plaster


If your swimming pool tile is hollow or has grout missing, Call Millennium Custom Pools for a free inspection. Contact Millennium Custom Pools for further information or other ways to enhance your pool, please contact us or give us a call at 713-766-6580 for a free in-home consultation.


Coping is the pool’s shell and the waterproof barrier between the water and the ground. Although sometimes covered completely by tile, coping is often left exposed in pools and makes up the rough, sandy surface that swimmers feel under their feet at the deep end of the pool. Coping comes in several styles that determine the size and shape of your pool.

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